We Are Ready.


Ashley M. Marratt - Owner & Founder

I constantly challenge the norms and habits in my industry to make us all better stewards of our planet. But the “why” behind my passion is personal.

In 2016 I was diagnosed with suspected glyphosate (round-up) toxicity.  The medical professionals believed I had been exposed or consumed something with residual round-up and the chemical had destroyed my gut flora and fauna.  I was experiencing extreme inflammation and gastrointestinal problems. The inflammation is gone now but my gut biome has not returned to normal. I have to eat a highly restrictive diet that is, frankly, no fun.  To this day, I avoid chemicals in my home, in my yard and most importantly in my food. 

So when I bring you a pest solution for your home you have my promise that I have researched it, designed it for success, and will use it in my own home.  After all, that is my ultimate test.

This is my story and the “why” behind our company mission to provide natural pest elimination.


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