Child with Mosquito Bites


Due to the high amount of rain that has already fallen in Georgia this year, experts are anticipating one of the worst mosquito seasons in recent history.  Unfortunately, the viruses carried by mosquitoes are on the rise as well.  We have seen new ones emerge like Zika and older ones like Dengue re-surge.  West Nile Virus has been present for almost 20 years, but it is experiencing exponential growth and caused its first death in Georgia in 2018.  Not all mosquito diseases are fatal, but the long-term chronic effects can be debilitating.  Many of these diseases do not have a vaccine or a cure, so the only way to protect your family is by STOPPING THE BITE. 

Why are you taking the risk?

According to the World Health Organization, the quality of life we enjoy today is credited to three things: better health care, better medicine and better pest control. (Pestworld Jan 2019)

ZIKA Virus:

Dengue Virus: (

West Nile Virus:  (

  • 2016 – 7 cases of WNV in US, No deaths

  • 2017 – 47 human cases in GA, 7 deaths in US

  • 2018 - Dekalb County had first case of West Nile Virus (AJC), 1 death in GA