In 2019 Red Coat will offer botanical mosquito and tick yard treatments from March through the end of October.  The products are hand selected, essential oil based, and are bee, butterfly and fish friendly. The products will eliminate pests on contact and continue to repel them from your yard for up to 3 weeks. 

The products will not harm pets, they will provide the added protection your dogs and cats need from the mosquitoes that transmit heart worm disease.  Once the treatment is complete you and your family can return to enjoying your yard immediately.  You may notice a botanical fragrance but that will dissipate with in a few hours. 

Do not be misled by claims that a product might be 100% biodegradable or that they come from flowers/chrysanthemums.  These products are TOXIC to bees and pollinators. Even judicious use of those pesticides will eliminate the beneficial insects from your yard. Unless they are labeled as 25b exempt, they are not botanical or natural.

Our technicians are licensed and trained to deliver exceptional results with every product they are using.  Yes, botanical s take a bit more focus and attention to detail, but it is worth it.  Our methodical multi-tiered process begins with identification, habitat elimination, controlling mosquito larva and eliminating the adults from your yard.  There is no “spray and pray” in our game plan. However, in some cases organic products are not going to be able to deliver the mosquito free environment you desire. This can be because of issues with a neighbors yard or your own. In those cases we can work with you to find other solutions to meet you needs and be as environmentally responsible as possible.

Our team members are not “seasonal” workers but fully licensed by the state and vetted. Their training includes product application and handling, vector and disease management as well as customer service excellence.  I trust them in my home, and you can too.